my parents~in~law are here on holidays.
we wander canberra.

i muse at the bark uncurling from the tree. the way the light refracts through.

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a cockatoo flicks overhead in the blue heavens

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outside parliament house, the grass is lush and green.

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i lay in the grass. my partner and his father wander away to have boys talk.

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his mother remains with me, doing her own slow whirly gig dance. she is oblivious to my camera.

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later, we sit by the lake.
now it is my turn to be oblivious to the camera.

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my day in pictures.
filled with light and composition.
thoughts and energy.
lush grass, blue skies, and a quiet lake.

i bought a new set of cards ~
GODDESS cards by susan seddon boulet

tonight, with a rose scented candle glowing,
my father in law asks for a goddess card.
there is four of us sitting at the table.
i across from my father in law
chris across from his mother.
yin yang
beltaine’s union of feminine and masculine.

i shuffle the cards for my father in law.
VENUS. Goddess of love.

he shuffles the cards for me.
VENUS again.

We roar with laughter. Kindred folk.

chris shuffles the cards for his mother.


A native american goddess.

she smiles. it is the one she had chosen in her heart.

she shuffles for him.

another native american goddess.

he reads:

white shell woman is the younger version of changing woman.

laughter again. knowing smiles and glances. they are kindred folk.

and thus…. how our day begins. it peaks, it wanes. and now it softly whispers away into night.