Dalai Lama journal pages

A couple of days ago I was blessed to be a part of the crowd that gathered for an interfaith dialogue between His Holiness the Dalai Lama, a Jewish rabbi, a Catholic priest and a Muslim professor. It was deeply interesting, and the whole discussion made me think about compassion and love for everyone, no matter where they are at, what they believe in…

The Dalai Lama shared how he and his Christian and Hindu friends would meditate and pray together under the Bodhi tree together ~ what a beautiful expression of one~ness. It makes me want to do the same, with all my friends of myriad beliefs and ways of speaking to the Sky Fairies.

How more can I foster love and acceptance in my life? How can I deepen my understanding of universal sister and brother-hood?

When the Catholic priest had finished talking, he turned to the Dalai Lama, the rabbi, the professor, and he said “you are my brothers, my very dear brothers”… and I had tears in my eyes and a heart bigger than a canyon.

The Jewish rabbi and the Muslim professor were both gentle, and shared of their faith with tenderness that touched me greatly.

During the dialogue, I kept going in and out of meditation ~ it felt very easily to slip into prayer and devotion and spirit space, with 4 000 others gathered just to listen to the message of peace. I noticed the lady sitting beside me was doing the same thing… most of the time her eyes were closed. I kept seeing and feeling angels and Tibetan deities all over the arena as we sat there.
At the end, they were all discussing how they could further create peace, harmony and oneness in the world and in between faiths… and the Catholic priest said:

“Maybe we could all just come together, and sit in silence together. We meet God in the silence.”

There are six billion people in this precious world… and six billion precious paths of listening to spirit.

I will meet you in the stillness, in the open realm of the heart~cave,

P.S. You can listen to the whole dialogue here.
P.P.S. I’ve been painting in the sweet rays of sunshine all weekend… will share some soon!