Nice and quiet.

My dog is asleep on my feet.

Chris did manly man things around the house today. Fixed stuff with stuff and killed ants and cleaned out the car. I like hearing the sounds of manly man doing busy things. Makes me feel warm and taken care of. How funny!

Watched The Life of David Gale last night. Peculiar, but intriguing movie. Kevin Spacey was divine as per usual. He is intoxicating to watch. He can be saying the most mundane thing, but is still enthralling. Spacey can be playing the most unattractive, dull character and still be sensual, endearing and loveable. Especially in The Shipping News. The book is even more darkly beautiful.

Have assignment to do for economic history. As per usual, I am procrastinating and not getting down to business.

Emailed with dear Lisa Marie. How funny and delightful to find a soul sister across the world, and in words.

The sun is shining, the birds are singing, the garden is the lushest green. It draws me outside to be in it. Instead, I am here with my Asia and the Global Crisis book. Looking forward to this semester being over. To being able to indulge in this without guilt.

Talked with Delicious Dan, the King of Leisure. Felt better about taking so long to get my butt into gear with essay.

Right you are then.

I love you all.

Yes. You.