This year, I had my BEST idea everrrrr… try out different things I’ve always wanted to try out, and do them for 21 days. And keep what worked, discard what doesn’t, and document the entire thing.

Here’s the challenges I’ve already done:

Both have been life-changing, to put it mildly.

So it was tricky to decide on the next challenge. I’ve felt like I’ve built up a bit of internal pressure to CHOOSE CORRECTLY THE NEXT CHALLENGE THAT WILL CHANGE MY LIFE. Ultimately, I decided to go with the challenge off my list that felt like it was hard enough & had the scientific backing that it could, in fact, change my life:

21 days of meditating.

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My history with meditating:

I’ve always been meditation-curious, and meditated a decent amount in my 20s before I had children.

I did all kinds of hippy thangs back then – women’s circles and drumming circles and spiritual healing and meditation retreats in Uluru. I did Reiki training and was taught how to play Native American flute and was shown the So Hum meditation method (inexplicably, at a public servant workshop). I categorised my spirituality as a kind of blend between Buddhist, Pagan & New Age. I rocked a good ole meditationap from time to time as well.

I even married myself, because OF COURSE I DID.

And then I had children and was like LOLLLLLZ THERE GOES MY LIFE AND SPARE TIME.

When you’re a new mama, or you’ve added another kid to the mix, you suddenly don’t even have time for comprehensive tooth brushing or regular showers… so meditating and all other lovely notions go right out the window. But then as you gradually build back tiny specks of free time, you forget to add back in the meditating.

Plus it can be just so infuriating to try and wedge out some peace and quiet for yourself when you’ve got a houseful of humans. One of my friends hides in her walk-in robe. I usually hide in the ensuite bathroom for a bit of “me time” – but I don’t necessarily want to meditate so class to the dunny.

What’s more, I’ve increasingly become more aware of racial and social justice issues, and feel concerned about the rampant levels of cultural appropriation in “New Age” traditions. Some of the things I did back then? I really don’t feel comfortable with now.

But I do know meditation has the power to transform minds. I know I should experiment with practicing meditation again. My brain has felt so healed from getting tech sober, and I feel like this could take it to the next level. So it’s time for me to carve out time again for a regular meditation practice, for the next 21 days at least. One that is not culturally appropriative (in whatever way that is possible).

The Parameters

I’ve been headfucking myself over The Right Way to do this challenge.

I’ll talk more about this struggle over in my daily challenge log. I’ve already added a bunch of journal writing to it if you want to check it out.

I wasn’t sure HOW to do this challenge.

What style? Should I do guided meditations? By which teacher? Should I use an app? Which one? Follow a meditation program? By which teacher? Which one is less culturally appropriative and more racially justice aware? How will I know if I’ve chosen the right one? When do I stop searching?

It just felt like an endless stream of possibilities, and it was driving me a bit mad.

So for right now, I’m going to keep it loose and let it evolve.

All I need to do is at least 10 minutes of mediation a day.

In whatever method I wish to. And because I am an obsessive enthusiast and love learning, I’ll likely read some books about meditation as well.

I’ll document what I learn & discover as I go, first in my challenge log & then bigger round-up posts as the challenge continues.

And it’s a double challenge month!

Just for double the LOLZ, I’m going to be blogging everyday this month as well. SEE WHAT YOU CAN DO WHEN YOU STOP SOCIAL MEDIA AND BROWSING THE INTERNET ENDLESSLY? You have so much TIME for projects!

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Thank you for following along on these challenges…

I’m honestly stunned at how powerful these challenges have been for me personally, how much people have enjoyed reading them, and how many of you have been motivated to create your own challenges or undertake major life changes because of them!

It makes my heart so happy!

Onwards, my dearest friends!

Love & game-changer energy,