New glasses today.
They shimmer with indigo, and they give me new sight.
Ahh, sight. The gift of sight.

My sight is something I have struggled with. As an artist who drinks in the world with her eyes, losing the strength of my eyes each year since I turned 18 has been challenging and fearful. I am grateful that with tender care, their progression into weakness has slowed. They have become my barometer for balance: I cannot spend too many hours soaked in electronic world each day without them telling me it is too, too much. They have become my constant and mindful blessing of gratitude: thank you for serving me, eyes. Thank you for showing me the world. Thank you for seeing in this moment.

I can see each leaf on each tree now, with a breath as refreshing as spring.
Tonight I went to the secret fairy garden in our backyard, and sat in the gladness.

To see the beauty in this world through rich colours and glowing light is sacred.