My loves,

This is the quote that’s been ruminating around in my heart lately.

It’s what I’m living out.

Three months ago, I still hadn’t found my tribe here in Proserpine. We’d moved back to my small country hometown here in tropical paradise, and though I knew some peoples, I still hadn’t found them yet, you know? My tribe. My woman posse.

My love and I say it always takes about a year when you move to somewhere new to settle in & start finding friends.

And it was pretty much right on the money for me – right around the one year anniversary of our move, I got a Facebook email. And the funny thing is – I don’t usually get to reading my Facebook messages. I try my dingdanglydarndest, but in a very full, beautiful life of baby, love and business, it doesn’t always happen.

But I had this funny intuition:

go read your inbox now!

And a message had just landed.

It read:

Heyoooo! I’m one of your Goddess Circle sisters! And I actually just live down the road. Did you want to ever go get some caramel slice?

And I was all


So two days later, we did. At our favourite Cafe.

And we ate caramel slice for breakfast, and became instabosombuddies.

And then I kept dreaming about the Cafe owner, and then I started talking to her, and we just kept being called back to each other.

And then we had this wild idea to invite all the beautiful soulful business women we knew together and see what happened.

And it was a total miracle experience, a spontaneous sacred circle.

And just like that, my woman posse was found. My tribe.

And we decided to change the world.

And we did.

Two months later, photoshoots were done, postcards were printed, bumper car stickers were created and printed, and we hit the front page of the local paper:

All changing our dear little town Proserpine into a Goddess town.

Proserpine is the only town in the world named after Goddess Persephone.

We have big dreams in place:

a Goddess trail of statues in all the beautiful places. a waterpark. the world’s biggest goddess statue.

to make our little town even more a divine, gorgeous, creative, sacred, healing place to live and work and visit.

And we absolutely believe we can do it.


Oh, and did I mention we are starting a Steiner-ish/alternative/earth school here?

Next YEAR?

Coz we totally are.


“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people can change the world.
Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”

– Margaret Mead.

There’s no point in doubting, no point in complaining.

There’s a total joy and miracle in actually just changing life

to be our dream come true.


AND! Tomorrow I’m launching le bookywooky.

In all my spare time (eh heh heh ho whaaaaaaaat) I thought it would be fun to write a book.

And so that’s what I did.

Tomorrow I’m launching, as well as an extra limited edition Proserpine Goddess gift pack (with signed books & mermaid art). WOO!

There’ll be copies available on Amazon, and you can also pre-order a signed copy gift pack version. I really wanted to include some of the miracles and healing from here in Proserpine… a love beam straight into your heart.

It’s all happening my love.

We are changing the world.

We are making it even better, more divine and whole.

Ginormous, wild, happy, glorious miracles,


Have I mentioned lately how happy I am?

I feel like I’ve stopped running and rushing for the first time in a long long time – since I became a mum.

I’m walking slower and talking slower and breathing slower.

I’m going to sleep earlier and listening to the “soft animal of my body” (as Mary Oliver so perfectly puts it).

And I look at my love, and I see how much he loves me, and I look at my daughter, and I am dazzled by her light.

And all is well in the world.


Tonight, if it’s not raining,

I’m taking Starry moon bathing in the backyard.