As I’ve been creating my new Money, Manifesting + Multiple Streams of Income course… I looked back over my financial life story and thought about the new things I started doing with my money that made the most impact. I started doing them just over 15 years ago… and continue to do them today. I call them my own personal 10 Abundance Habits.

I think financial literacy is really fucking important. We, as creatives and spiritual women need to talk about money more. Let go of the shame or fear of it, and become excellent money custodians. When we do, more abundance flows to us… and we can use that money in excellent, sustainable, life-changing ways for ourselves, our families, our communities and our world at large.

I thought it was too important not to share them publicly, so I’m going to do a free live training for anyone who is called. I’m delighted to share everything I know. May it serve you and help you proser too.

Just head on over here to get it free!

Please feel free to share along with anyone who you think might need this.

To your shining abundance,