This right here… these are numbers I am so very proud of:
They aren’t the numbers of what I’ve sold. They are the numbers of what I’ve kept.
They are the ones that show I haven’t just written a great sales page but haven’t delivered on those promises – but that I’ve delivered… and even better… EXCEEDED expectations.
These are the numbers of how many of my Academy members finish their year at the Academy and decide to pay for a whole new year because they are getting so much out of it and don’t want to be without the Academy!!!
Nearly 3 out of 4 customers!!!!!!!!!!!
This is a HUGELY successful rate… and one I have goals to increase even more and more.

I’m SO excited for what’s next for my Academy:

  • more courses released than ever before…
  • more support and teachers for our members…
  • and THREE HUGE brand new special bonus offerings and services that will be released this month that are going to make people shiz their pants with joy! HOORAY!!!!
No stone left unturned… no customer left undelighted!
Big love, as always,


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