One day I’ll get my shit together
to hire
a really good videographer
with lights and shit
to do a decent video of our offices
and maybe then I’ll brush my hair
though probably not
in the meantime
here is our Hobart HQ.

It’s temporary, just for now,
and ephemeral creation,
a testing ground,
until I can buy a farm again
and build the Greatest Motherfucking Office/Studio/Creative Commune That Has Ever Existed
with giant watercolour murals of goddesses
and a fridge filled with biscuits
and an amazing audio/video
and artists studio
and this playground of creative collaboration
a gathering of rainbow souls
a place that is part sacred temple, part artists hermitage, part therapy, part laughter yoga… part everything magical I can think of…
a place where we birth miracles
and dream even bigger…

It’s happening and it’s on its way.

In the meantime… we are riding a fuck tonne of wild donkeys…
Me and Shiloh (our new graphic designer) putting together the 2016 workbook, diary, wall planner + to do list pad.
And Tamara writing all of the (hundreds of emails) for Double Your Biz in 365 days.
And Grant (COO), Kelsey (our coder), Aylie (another designer), and Amber, Joyce + Erin (assistants) are all riding the donkey of releasing our new, shiny, brilliant Academy membership site.
And Chris is doing all his usual production assistant stuff and Ruth is building an amazing business analytics dashboard…
it feels really, really, really cool.

And we’re all spread out across the world, doing our work… it’s glorious how this internet thing works… and it’s also sucky sometimes because I really want to hang out with these people all day + create together… but I HAVE PLANS… IT IS IN THE WORKS… hahahahaha!

It’s wild, wonderful days… with lots about to pop and birth forth.

I feel like I’m riding a giant wave of support… on a boat filled with incredible, talented, beautiful souls… what else is possible now I have THIS?

Big love,