Dear darlingest Goddess You,

How has your week been sweetpea?

I hope it has been utterly divine and shining.

Here’s my random & meandering celebration of all the sweet & miraculous things I have loved this week!

Two years ago, my brother married his soul mate {photo above! walk down sweet memory lane!}, and I inherited a hilarious, wonderful sister. She picks up the phone and says “Hey sissy!”. Our relationship has totally reached new depths now though. On Sunday we were out at the family farm, hanging out and laughing. I had Starry on my hip, and Sharne came over to me, tugging my shirt down, saying “Let me get that for you. Your boob was hanging out. Happens to me all the time!”. And I laughed and laughed. Yup. I had fed Starry a little bit before, wasn’t wearing a bra, and my shirt had rode up when I had picked her back up and headed back to join ze big group of parents and grandparents and sisters and nieces and nephews. One of ze hazards of this breastfeeding jobby. It’s comforting to know my newest sissy has my boob… I mean my back.

Speaking of sissies… my oldest sissy has opened her own business! HURRAH! She sells gluten free cupcakes by the sea at Airlie Beach Markets. Her biz name? Angel Foods. Oh yes. El perfecto (that’s Spanish for holy dinger good). And the cupcakes have names like Vanilla White Light. And they are CUPCAKES. That I can EAT! I’m crying with happy right now. I’m so so proud of her!!

This week, me, Ostara + Rebekah painted up the sign for her market stall. And dat photo above reaaaaaally makes us look like sisters! Funny that!

And a week of happy sissy news! My Goddess sister Sone is coming to visit in a couple of weeks!!!! EEEEP!!!! It’s been like eight months? Nine? Since I have seen her. I’ve missed seeing her face and being wrapped in one of her hugs. Anyway! She is coming! For a mini holiday! To meet Ostara! To reunite with her soulmate-in-a-dog, our Charlie! Everywhere I walk, I think, I get to show Sone this soon!

Putting together our very own Sticker Family on ze back of ze blue jeep. They didn’t have any COOL ones in the “Mummy” and “Daddy” heading – what is with that? Nothing creative at all! So we cheated and chose ones from the “Older Boy” category {Musician hottie lover} & “Girl” category {artiste goddess moi!}. Then of course Lil Miss Star. One happy healer dog Charlie. And a perfect poodle-ish rendition of Angel if I ever did see one. I get ridunkulously excited whenever I see this. It’s our little family! In stickers! I love us. It feels like some kind of funny family patriotism, but I am digging it.

Growing out what was once a very square box hedge… into something delightfully NOT boxish at all. Heeeee! I want to grow it long enough to grow into waves. Mermaid hedge! Weeeooooo!

Falling in love with these new prayer flags care of Akiah. Chakra healing prayer flags. With lotuses. And affirmations on each one. Now adorning our bedroom window. I

We only have six other sets of prayer flags in our house. Obviously that isn’t enough.

My new necklace {also from Akiah’s store}. I use jewellery as prayers… like an invocation, an affirmation, a reminder of where I’m at.

This necklace reminds me to integrate my mama self with my past life as a creative-storm-making, free-wheeling Maiden Goddess. That they are one and the same!

Loving sticking sparkly stickers on our keyboard so I can teach myself piano by numbers. {You can get music here}.

Also adoring heartily: Watching trashy movies (Sex & The City, Four Christmases, Love Potion No. 9, You’ve Got Mail, While You Were Sleeping) & comedy shows (Carl Barron, Modern Family & Community) in the afternoons. Doing yoga & meditation in the evenings before Starlight’s bedtime. (Starry’s version of meditation includes cackling at the puppehs & sticking a card in my ear. She is very good at meditating.)

Your weekly dose of Starry!

Annnnd… to catch you up on the world of Ostara… here’s a week’s worth of HOLY DINGER SHE’S CUTE!

We’ve been waiting for her to grow into this cute-as-a-button dress that Chris’ mama sent for her. And now she does. And yup, the rest of the time, she rocks hand-me-downs from her cousin Paige, and boy’s clothes from the Op Shop… but she does rock a cute-as-pie girly dress too. VERSATILE STYLE MAIDEN.

Bargain of the Century this week: Peter Alexander baby Christmas pyjamas for $1.

This photo by our amazing doula + photographer. Ostara did some modelling for Rachel before we left, and she just sent through this photo. Heartsplosion! Or as my favourite (and mutual) Facebook stalker says:

I think my ovaries just exploded.

Me too, special stalker friend. Me too.

Chris bought her this sweet little couch so that he can pop her in it and play guitar to her. It’s like her concert chair. Only now it is covered with flower pillows, a stuffed donkey, three mermaid toys, a mermaid book & playing cards. Because playing cards are her favourites.

Not shown: All ze foods she has been eating this week: banana, berries, apples, pumpkin soup and green beans.

So… yus. A ginormous week. Big. Beautiful. Full. Loved.