It was a day of wild, brave things. This woman – whom I’d never met before – travelled 3 hours to meet me. Stay in my house. And be my goddess of honour at my inner marriage ceremony. She took a chance. She followed her heart. It was wild, and brave. And it was so very perfect. Four years later, this woman has become one of my dearest friends.

Hola gorgeous goddesses,

Lately, I’ve become convinced that we each have this One Wild, Brave Thing resting inside us. That BIG Thing we want to do. If only someday – maybe when we have the time, the courage and have lost all our emotional baggage at the Check-in counter.

What would your life look like – if you did that One Wild, Brave Thing right now?

Claiming back the dream.

A few days ago, me and my mermaid sister were talking about how to remain true to ourselves and our dreams – even when working, when in relationships, when living all that life stuff.

And I said to her: You know, I’ve stopped singing. I got scared. I got afraid of what other people thought. Now I sing for a joke, but I don’t sing the way I really sing anymore. I haven’t for ten years. And one day, I’m going to record a song, just to claim me back.


This morning, I got sent a mysterious email. Maybe it was from the Universe, giving me the perfect opportunity. It was an invitation to watch The Beckoning of Lovely mini-film on Youtube.

So I did. And it offered the space to send in a little something. I cried and laughed watching the movie. And then, watching hundreds of people baring their brave, beautiful, vulnerable, playful selves, I opened Photobooth. And switched it to video. And I sang.

And it was terrifying. And enlightening. And I forgot the words halfway through. And I giggled. And I kept going anyway. I DID it.

And I recorded it. And I sent it in.

It was imperfect. And perfectly so.

And it was a beautiful thing. I feel so F R E E.

When a bird takes flight, we don’t study the way it looks, or how it flies, or if it should be up there, defying gravity and fear and perfection. It just is – a miracle, a bird flying as it was born to do.

Just like you and me.

Me and You.

So, dear sister, I’d like to ask –
what’s that One Wild, Brave Thing that sits inside you?
What can you do today to reclaim it?

If it’s a novel, can you write a story on it?
If it’s a marathon, can you run to the end of the block?
If it’s asking someone something big, can you ask someone something small?

Is there a way you can practice run your One Wild Brave Thing?
Or just do it?

Passing on the talking stick…

I would love to hear about your One Wild, Brave Thing in the comments.
I would love to hear about any adventures or misadventures you have with it today – knowing that it’s all perfect. It’s all good. And that I am cheerleading you and your bravery and frailty with pom-poms and a ridiculously short skirt and hilarious pigtails.

Passing the talking stick on to you…
What’s the one thing you can do today to be that Wild and Brave thing?

BIG hugs,

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