Hello my darlinghearts,

So I gots to thinking.

About how I miss my old life.

How I miss doing things just for me.

How I miss doing things because they just utterly lit me up inside.

And then in the Goddess Circle, a brave + gorgeous goddess sister posted about how much she missed the old her. The brave and courageous one. So she’d made a list of things to do before her next birthday.

Just because she can. Just because it was the one thing she thought might light her up again.

And I celebrated long + hard for her. She made me tummy-smile.

Then I realised it was the thing I most needed to do as well.

So I went and foraged and uncovered my Things To Do This Life List. My list is now five years old, and a surprising amount of things have been ticked off jubilantly. I decided to revamp ze list on a new page, tick off new things + celebrate a list of awesome things I’ve already done. It’s dinking fun. It makes me smile.

There’s still more to do though.

So that’s what I’m doing.

Operation Reclaim Leonie Commences…

Step One: While Ostara + my love are napping beside me in bed {it had been a 4:30am start that Chris had gotten up – yippeeee!}, go through Things To Do This Life List & write down all the ones that make me feel really good right now.

Add to the list more things that I just feel like doing.

Like make banana bread.

Step Two: Wait until Ostara wakes up, and pop her in Ergo for an adventure up town to get supplies.

Go book massage with Akiah, then return with required goodies.

Step Three: Stare with relish at essential supplies.

A mango & passionfruit juice. Because it’s like a summer party on my insides.

Purple sparkly nail polish.

Ingredients for 2 ingredient fudge {recipe care of Heather Eats Almond Butter… I heart her!}

Step Four: Decide fudge must be made el pronto. Make it.

Step Four: Realise I have no pie dishes, so bowls must suffice.

Proceed to test setting fudge every half hour for rest of day, because I’m a scientist like that.

Fudge never sets properly, but this does not deter me.

Eat with spoon like pudding instead.

I’m not going to lie to you, beautiful:


Step Five: Apply purple sparkly nailpolish while sitting on the floor with Ostara + Hunky Chris.

Proceed to marvel for the rest of the day at how my fingers feel like MAGIC now! MAGIC!

Everytime I catch a glimpse of them, I smile.

Step Six: Take self portraits with the two people I adore the most.

We are like a Three Headed Monster!

But, you know, a monster that is TOTALLY SMIGGIN CUTE.

The End.

Step Seven: Decide to make self a pocket gratitude journal.

Think it is so adorable, decide to scan it in so I can give it to you too!

Coming tomorrow! Weeeeeoooooooooo!

Step Seven: Oh noes! Not ze end! Just ze end of THAT story, you know?

So next, I decide I want to make my bottle of lavendar spray less ugles & more scrumptious + sacred.

Lavendar Spray was housed in that white plastic jobby up there.

I found a purple shiny bottle instead, and decided to pimp my spray to be fulllly sac {like, totally sacred. Just pretend I’m a teenage homegirl & you’ll hear ze voice I use when I say fulllllllly sac!}

Ingredients I use to make Super Divine Spray:

Lavendar oil.


Himalayan Crystal Salt.

Australian Bushflower Essences Calm & Clear Essence.

Piece of clear quartz crystal.

Pop all of them into new bottle, blessing each one as I do.

Step Eight: Take a moment to enjoy ze view.

Step Nine: Decide Spray needs healing essence of light and earth and trees in it.

Pray and bless it.

Step Ten: Let Ostara put her special blessings in it.

Step Eleven: Admire how my new nail polish + essence bottle + shirt are all gorgeous hues of purple.

It tells me that White Buffalo Calf Woman, one of my favourite guides, is near.

I always find purple everywhere when she is.

Step Twelve: Paint the bottle with 3D metallic silver paint.

This makes me happy to look at.

Step Thirteen: Give Thanks.

Final step for today:

Look up, and see the miracle all around me.

More from this joyful mission to come!

I love love love love love you!

P.S. If you feel called to do your own missions to reclaim your gorgeous self or do your Things To Do This Life List, please please share! Let’s doooooeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet 🙂