the ever lush lile and dearest deb. i heart you.

“This year I plan on only surrounding myself with those who respect me.”

~ Said by the Divine Ms Lisa Marie Brodsky, poet, life artist and my friend.

How powerful these words are.

We must make the choice of how our year will be.

And every day, in each step, we will act this out.

We will push for it, and we will move against the swell of old tides.

We will row our own boats, and sail our own ships,

because we know which direction we wish to go.

We choose not to be buffeted about by winds that are not our own.

Instead, all power for movement is drawn by us.

We make the choices, the decisions, which lead to our own liberation.

We choose how to build our world, live our world, reconstruct our world.

When we say these powerful words ~ we are saying them to the world,

but most importantly we are saying them to ourselves.

We are whispering sweet sonnets of self love

we are saying to ourselves:

I love you.

I adore you.

You deserve the very best.

And we all do, don’t we?

We all deserve to make a life of untellable beauty,

to surround ourselves with forgiving, compassionate, wise, beautiful souls.

to live the life that whispers to us in quiet moments.