Hola beautiful hearts!!!

Okay, so we got a gazillion emails from my last post.

Which Tinkerbell Marissa has been replying to all day, bless her fairy heart.

But it totally made me realise that I need to answer questions & be as clear as my heart can.

Because if you’re feeling confused, that’s not groovy. I’d love for you to have like perfect clarity & vision, ya know? I so often forget that you don’t see into my business & how it all works together like I do.

SO! Let’s make some clarity!!!

How do I sign up for the e-courses?

By joining up to the Goddess Circle as a member.

You’ll get to do ALL of my e-courses, download alllll my meditation kits & workbooks – for a FULL YEAR.

Yus, it is cwazy cheap, and that’s the way I like it.

If I’m already a Goddess Circle member, do I get them free?

Yes indeedy you do! Just head over to GoddessGuidebookcircle.com & check out what e-courses you want to do this round!

Is this the last chance ever to be a Goddess Circle member?

Oh my goshness, no dearest heart. Enrolments are ALWAYS open. That’s what my guides told me to do in my dream, so that’s what I’m doing.

If I sign up to do part payments, do I get instant access?

Yes you do. A lot of businesses wait for the final payment to be processed before providing access to courses, but I’m a trusting soul. So yus – instant access because it’s way more fun that way!

When does it CLOSE? Did I miss the last day?

Classes started being emailed out yesterday. But seriously – Goddess Circle is open for new enrollments all.the.time. You can dive in & start e-coursing it up now or whenever you like. This is just if you want to work through it with a group. Which hundreds of you do. I think there’s over 100 goddesses doing each of the courses – one of them has over 200 working through it together. So much beautiful support and inspiration there.

Are you telling everyone about the new e-course?

I will be. But not right now. Goddesses in the Circle have known about it for a while, and are trying it out. Once it has made its first maiden voyage, I’ll start talking about it here.

Do Circle goddesses get secret stuff?

Pretty much, yup. Whenever I get inspired to create something, I make it & give it to my Goddess Circle members. They’ve had my two latest workshops for about six months or more – two that haven’t been released for sale to ze general public yet. I really adore creating & I always get requests from Circle members – so they get a whole heap of extra goodies from me free with their membership.

And then I put off launching stuff to the general public, so they get them months and months before anyone even knows they exist. Just because I’m lazy/overwhelmed/don’t have time.

Moral of story: It’s really awesome to be a Goddess Circle member.

Do you ever get sick of talking about Goddess Circle stuff?

To be honest, yes and no.

Like I’m sitting here rocking back and forward with little tears in my eyes. Happy tears, overwhelmed tears, good tears.

I LOVE talking about the Goddess Circle.

I so DON’T love feeling like I have to market it.

But I need to be able to tell the story of the Goddess Circle. Of what it means if you’re a member. How much absolute love I pour into it. How utterly life transforming it can be. So that the goddesses who will get SO MUCH from it will know that it is there and that it is right for them.

So yus, it drives me a bit bonkers talking about it & trying to explain just how huge & magnificent & wonderful it is.

But I also totally feel like: that’s my job. It’s my job to turn up & share about it, with as much love, and clarity, and honesty, and openness as I can. So those who need it can find it.

It’s not super helpful to anyone if I keep it a secret, or something that is difficult to understand.

Goddess Circle Miracles

And I love that today I had my very own Goddess Circle miracle. And I know they are happening all over the globe.

Today, me and Ostara went and met a Goddess Circle sister. And we ate caramel slice for breakfast, and giggled and talked mama-ing & art & finding our place in the world. And we booked stalls next to each other at the North Queensland Spiritual Festival. And I walked away with a big grin on my face, because I’d made a new friend. And we have an art date on Thursday!

AND we met a crystal child. And she joined us so she could connect with Ostara. And we pulled angel cards together.

Such a big, lovely miracle. ALL OF IT.

And it all began with women circling online.


Okay my loves.

That’s me. I’m going to head to bed now. I’m getting up tomorrow morning super early so I can speak to one of my heroes on the phone. I’ve got a ridunkulously MASSIVE announcement coming up tomorrow that I know you are going to flippppp out over in the bestest of ways, so stay tuned dearest!

Can we have a group huggles now?