Hola gorgeous Goddesses!

Today’s studio peek is into the creative goddess studio of gorgeous mama-daughter goddess duo Tracie and Caroline. Oh my goshness, SO inspiring!

Tracie Hanson, along with her creative partner and Mom, Caroline Bell are mixed media artists and writers living in Southern California.

Where do you create?

Just three months ago, we fulfilled a long held dream and rented a large warehouse near our homes. We both had small studios in our homes, but were quickly out growing them. After searching for nearby spaces, we found the perfect place to spread out! We call our studio “Creative Jam Sandwich”. (We don’t know why.)

Our space is composed of a large warehouse, which we use as our painting studio and writing area. There are also two front “offices” which we’ve claimed as a entrance/gallery and a break room.

Our front entry leads through this little gallery space.

Here we have a welcoming fountain and an ever growing collection of art books.

Here’s our studio space photographed from the rear looking towards the two front offices.
The “office” on the left is our break room complete with refrigerator, snacks and tea.
We wanted to make sure we didn’t have to leave all day once we were in the door!

This is Tracie’s half of the studio – this work table is outfitted for art journaling – everything from a sewing machine used to stitch pages to a large supply of collage-able items are housed here.

Caroline’s side has two rolling tables filled with paints, brushes and easels.

In the center of our studio, a special guest has come to visit….this is “Amazing Grace”, a life size sculpture.
She oversees our work and changes costume quite often. Unfortunately, she spooks one of our friends and both of our dogs!

We even have room for a lounge area – furniture stored in our garages and attics found a new home!

This is our writing nook. (We have a book that we’re co-authoring that will hit the shelves at year’s end!)

What do you create?

Caroline paints large colorful abstracts on canvas. Often, she incorporates collage and mixed media.
She’s been painting for many years – her works have been sold through Southern California galleries and are collected by many in the U.S.

Tracie loves creating art journals, which grew out of a love of traditional journaling, but influenced by her artistic Mom.

Only a year ago, she began painting on canvas.

When do you create?

To complete our book edit on schedule, together we maintain a schedule of writing Tuesday through Thursday. Painting is left for any available minute Friday through Monday!

Why do you create?

Each of us would definitely answer this question in the same way – for the joy and the love of it!

If you’d like to see a video tour of “Creative Jam Sandwich” or check out more of these two gorgeous goddess’ artsy antics, do check out Tracie’s blog at www.mybloominglife.com.


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love + worth + goodness + possibility + joy,