Hola gorgeous Goddesses!

Tres divine… today’s peek into a creative goddess studio is that of Selina Fenech! Selina is an Australian artist who creates romantic and realist artworks of the fairy and fantasy realms… just magical!

The lovely Selina!

Where do you create?

I’m based in Australia, and have a home with huge beautiful trees surrounding it. Because my business has both a creative and sales side to it, I separate them out, so I have a studio for my mail orders and printing and all of that work, and another small room which is my paintng nook, that is strictly for my creative pastimes! I’ve got all my paints and pencils laid out in front of me for easy access and it’s a really lovely space to create in with all my other inspiring bits and pieces around me like the figurines that have been made of my art in the past.

Painting space…

Figurines and art books cupboard…

Wonderous workroom…

Faerie garden…

What do you create?

When do you create?

As often as possible! I like to complete a painting at least once a week, and even when I’m not painting, I’m planning the next ones in my head, or sketching, or otherwise planning fun new creative products to put my art on for my business, like the new tarot bags which will be out soon!

Why do you create? {What informs & inspires your work?}

I’ve always had a great love for anything fantasy, fairy tale or myth based, for as long as I can remember. I’ve always been drawn to fantasy stories, movies and images, and over time, it’s just become my entire world, I just live and breathe the stuff, am always immersed in it! I remember growing up as a child, this yearning, burning feeling in my chest for just wishing with
all my heart that magic was real and I could see and touch all things fantasy. So I’ve created my own magic now, and create my own magical world and creatures!


Thank you so much gorgeous Goddess Selina for sharing your beautiful studio + work with us! Selina’s magical artwork is available on prints, wearable art jewelry and other merchandise through her website at www.fairiesandfantasy.com.

big love + fairy kisses!


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