What a freaking hard and bonkerdoodles time we are going through right now.

I thought being evacuated by the Australian bushfires was rough… this feels even more intense.

The last time I felt like the ground was this uncertain beneath my feet, I was pregnant with my first kid. I knew I was about to get my life changed back then, and I did the one thing I felt I could do.

I gave myself a North Star to guide me. I created a rainbowy, inspiring notebook for me to create goals & write myself love notes for what lay ahead. It became something to hold onto when things got tough.

And it worked… like magic. So much so I’ve used the same process every single year. And when I went on to share my workbooks with the world, it’s gone on to be used by over 400,000 beautiful souls worldwide.

So when I found myself restless and uncertain, shaky and unknowing again, I did the same thing.

Before you keep reading, here’s a podcast I recorded on 100 projects to do during Quarantine! It’s a great companion to this blog post AND the Quarantine planner. So many gifts for youuuuu!

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I’ve spent the last few days with piles of paper strewn around me and ink stained fingers. My ten year old daughter (the one who started this whole thing off) looked at me knowingly and said “You’re writing a new book, aren’t you Mummy? One for being at home?”

And I was indeed. I was making myself a life raft. Crafting a new north star. I made myself a planner and workbook to dream new dreams and craft a new life… one that was firmly centred at home.

And I’m giving it away free to you.

In it, you’ll find:

  • 100 Quarantine Projects
  • Habits Tracker
  • Daily Schedule
  • Worksheets to set goals for your creativity, health, mental health, relationships, exercise & productivity
  • Printable colouring posters to inspire your spirit!

Click the download button below to get free access to the Quarantine Planner (and my freebie inspiration library!)

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Please share this creation along to anyone who needs it

We are here, together.

We can do this. We can do hard things, as Glennon Doyle would say.

I’m thinking of you and cheerleading you along.

Big love,