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Today I’m talking all about connected parenting.

My daughter struggled going to school this morning and I wanted to share how I supported her and her poor little nervous system.

Here are some of the strategies I implemented:

  1. Long strong cuddles (at least 20 seconds)
  2. Deep breathing
  3. Asking gentle questions
  4. Validating her emotions and feelings: “Stop, Drop, Empathy”
  5. Helping her with tasks she was struggling with (getting dressed)
  6. I sat next to her in the back of the car on the way to school and held her hand
  7. I told her all the reasons I love her (she was STOKED by this, it totally engaged her)

I also:

  • Try to keep my cup full (our kids bounce off our own emotions and behaviours)
  • Respond with empathy and gentleness
  • Recognise that parenting is fucking hard and that we are all doing our best by our kids


Explicit AF

Just to reiterate: this is one sweary motherfucker of a podcast. So if you listen to it around kids… they will defo learn some new vocabulary from Aunty Leonie. MWHAHAHAHA. ENJOYYYYY!

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