I have been talking about goals and the importance of goal setting for approximately a billion fucking years…

Let’s talk about:

  • the fact that 80% of peeps don’t set goals (WTF?!)
  • 16% think of their goals but don’t write them down
  • 3% of people think of goals AND write them down
  • only 1 fucking percent of people think of their goals, write them down and revisit them more than once

Guess which group were the higher achievers? Hot tip: the 1%

Goal Getter Mastermind: Get 2020 Started Off Right! | Leonie ...

Don’t forget you can use tools to help create and set goals!

If you haven’t already, make sure you check out the Goals Planners!

I made them to serve myself as I transitioned into motherhood.

I knew I needed to set some goals to get through that year, but there was nothing on the market back then.

I love rainbows, and colour and glorious joy… So I CREATED it.

Now they’ve been used over 400’000 people WORLD. WIDE.

Fucking mind boggling.

So if you’re a Goal Getter already, I wanna hear about the biggest blessings and miracles because of the workbooks!

It’s never too late to get started on the workbooks, or your goals!


Explicit AF

Just to reiterate: this is one sweary motherfucker of a podcast. So if you listen to it around kids… they will defo learn some new vocabulary from Aunty Leonie. MWHAHAHAHA. ENJOYYYYY!

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