My beautiful friend Shan sent me this ethereal portrait she created of me a couple of years ago.

I decided it was high time to portrait~ise her as the elvin princess she is.

Shan and I met in boarding school, bonding over a lot of spirit and art.
I fell in love with her dreamy, soulful, vibrant artwork of angels and women, and with her just as she is: deep, laughing, light-filled, honest, loving and glowing.

I decided back then that if I was ever asked what artists inspired me the most, Shan would be one of the answers.

And as I grow older, I realise the best way to be inspired is being inspired to be even more like yourself, just as you are.

And I think that’s what Shan does. She makes everyone around her glow because she sees their goodness and their beauty.

And all I need to be is Leonie, with my own glow and my own way.

May we all be who we truly are, divine hotties that we are,

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