i would have loved to meet some of my fave cutie-patooties this past weekend at a blessingway… but, i’m kinda half way around the world from the US, and in a few days i am flying around the world in the other direction for a whole other amazing adventure.

so, instead, i met one of said fave cutie-patooties in portrait party land.
it was kinda wild, like a sherbert-infused soul-rave party in the forest somewhere.
and a little bit tame, like afternoon tea at the neighbours, if you happen to think your neighbour is the most precious mama-goddess around.
and mostly honouring, in a very sweet kinda way, like puppy dog kisses.

or as lovely as this:
when you wake in the morning and manage to pretend to sleep through your partner’s insistent nudgings to go to the gym with him, and pop open your eyes once he’s gone, invite cutest puppy dog in the world onto the bed with you for pyjama party, where you tickle each other, and you read out stories to him. and by the time sweaty hunk has gotten home from pumping iron, you’ve managed to take your pyjama party out into the garden for enthusiastic salutations to the sun for managing to rise this morning. and when you mean salutations to the sun, you don’t mean the prescribed precision of yoga moves, you mean like crazy pyjama dancing and wild uldulations. moments so precious that you don’t even care if you spelled uldulations correctly or even if there is such a word. only that it is.

so, yeah, a portrait party as sweet and refreshing and life-living as that.

nina, you smell good.


~ this is just some of the delicious craftiliscious and loving explosions of goodness from her package…

portrait by my favourite miniature fairy-godmother grae

p.s. damn freakin’ straight.
i’m pretty sure it’s going to rock me too.