My uber spunkyliscious earth~appreciator and creative magnifico friend Sarah Davies (also known as Sezolas) brought a big tub of freshly picked strawberries to meet me at the Portrait Party. Then we ate them using no hands. And then we talked about crystals. And then we took photos of our shadows. And then we laughed. And then we made a campfire. And then we made up new words to Kumbaya and changed music history. And then we laughed. And then we stuffed ourselves with too-crispy marshmallows cooked over the fire. And then I sneezed when I swallowed and got marshmallow up my nose. And then we laughed. And then the marshmallow came out.

And THEN we drew pictures of each other.

I have a total raving crush on the portrait she made for me. This picture oh-so does not do it justice, because it has delicious patterned papers making up the lolling hills and red spotted fabric on my dress and this light peppering of paint all over the sky and this amazing linework and deliciousness… Stylistically, heartfully, colourfully, this has made me fall Head Over Heels. And then over again when I catch sight of my tiny purple crocs in the picture.

*happy sigh*

I think I might just stay at the Portrait Party House forever…


(super secret P.S. – the whole marshmallow up my nose thing actually happened. when i was camping, at the clever age of 12. but it was pineapple. do NOT sneeze when you swallow. otherwise you have to just keep sneezing until the pineapple comes out your nose. it’s actually kinda awesome, now i think about it… not everyone can say they’ve sneezed pineapple…)