Portrait of Sone

Me and my sweet friend Sone decided that our creative task last week was to have a long~distance Portrait Party.

I’m now a portrait party fan, with my sketchbook accompanying me to pizza parties and mother’s day morning teas.

There was something really beautiful about doing a portrait of one of my dearest friends. I wanted to draw her as I see her, my dream~sight of her highest self shining like a priestess in the forest. I quite fell in love with the vision that emerged, just as I quite fell in love with her when I first met her. It was a feeling of “Oh… It is YOU… We are going to be on a long journey together…

And I dearly love seeing through her eyes, how she sees me. She did this portrait from how I looked the first day she met me ~ the day I married myself. There is something in her creation that is tender, vulnerable, lost but sure that makes me see myself a little differently.

Portrait of me by Sone

The other day I was on a programming course (hilarious, I know),
and the tutor said to me over lunch:
“What are you so happy about?”
and I looked outside, and the sky was turquoise and the autumn leaves were scuttling along the walkway,
and I replied
“Because I’m here, and it’s pretty much the best thing ever.”

With friends and art and a world like this,
what’s not to love?

Bright radiant Thursday blessings
gifted from my hands to yours,