The Goddess Pixie Campbell met up with me in the Portrait Party room for chocolates, drumming and the usual Goddess fare.

I dig that Pixie woman, even from across the oceans in the land of Not-Met-Yet.
I honour who she is, her bravery, honesty and true-ness.
I honour the way she cultivates the earth, grows with her chillun and nourishes her own Self.
I honour Goddess Pixie just as she is.

I am completely spellbound with the portrait she created of me – you can see it over on her blog.
Wise open (I meant to write wide open, but it came out that way) and laughing… inside my spirit she looks. I feel so very honoured by her creation.

My gosh, this Portrait Partying is pretty much the most fun ever.

One day we will circle, Pixie,