The One Thing That Changed My Business

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One of the things that really inspired me (+ still does) when I’m down in the salt mines of my business, trying to work out the next step, is listening to the stories of other business women who’ve been where I am + have had an insight that’s helped them along.

With that in mind, I’ve asked a number of gorgeous, inspired, soulful business women to share their sacred AHA! moment – of the thing that changed their business.

Today’s insight is for all the practical gals out there that feel pulled to something that might not seem all that practical at first glance.

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Practical Gal Seeks Healer

I’m the practical sort. Level headed. Nose to the grindstone. Self employed since 2001, I’ve worked hard to build a successful business that supports the life I want.

So when Leonie first announced her Goddess Circle program (now the Amazing Biz & Life Academy), why was I signing up before it even launched?

At the time, I had no idea. I just felt like Leonie’s new program would have something to offer me. Though I wouldn’t have admitted it, I was feeling depleted, worn around the edges. I needed new tools.

It turned out, the timing couldn’t have been better.

About a month into my membership, a client relationship imploded in a really spectacular way and I was at my breaking point. The situation was the sort that makes people nod their heads and say, “Business is the best personal development program there is.” The client was demanding I spend 40 extra hours on their project to deliver things far outside the scope of our contract, I was holding my ground but feeling like I must somehow have screwed up.

And then, there was Leonie in my inbox.

Talking about energy healing. Uber practical me said, “Nonsense!” but there was a small voice that suggested I reconsider.

I knew the situation with my client was triggering all sorts of old memories. But could it be as simple as just getting some help with that?

So, I dipped a toe in. I reached out to a healer. I had a consultation and she was lovely. A great listener. Kind.

But, still, I had my doubts.

I did it. I leapt.

I worked with the first healer and then tried other modalities. (Most recently, I’ve been seeing an acupuncturist.)

In the meantime, I played with Leonie’s Creativity Program and Haven Program and then later with the Business Program and the Team-Building Program. And, of course, over the last two years, all of that has made a substantial difference. Learning new tools and applying them in my life, how could it not?

But, honestly, that one piece of advice from Leonie: see a healer. You have to hire a healer. That one piece of advice was transformational.

I let go of the client with very little regret. I shed other clients and I felt myself and my business getting lighter and lighter. New clients came in, clients who appreciated my work and who expressed that appreciation.

I work with focus and gusto about two days a week now, with the rest of the time either away from the office completely or with minimal time at my desk. (I’ve found that’s the best balance for me, and what’s more, I now have clients who are okay with that balance.)

I actually love to work hard–now that I’m not doing it every day!

Financially, this year is miles ahead of last year. Emotionally, I’m able to do more creative work for clients than ever before. Physically, I have time to exercise and take care of myself now that I’m not chained to the computer.

There have been other gains, too.

  • My house finally feels mine, and like home.
  • I’m writing again (after a decade long absence).
  • I’m painting and playing and fitting into my life again.

None of that would have happened without finding Leonie’s work and joining her membership program. I’m so glad the me-of-two-years-ago took that leap even though it felt so foreign to me at the time.

I’m still the practical sort. And what’s more practical than making sure you have all the best tools? 😉

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(And the Business Goddess program begins!)

Get in before then to save mega dobleros + change your life + biz.