Hey lovebugs,

It’s time for me to raise the price of the Amazing Biz and Life Academy.

It’ll be going up from $199 to $497 on 1 October.


They’ve been their current price for over a year now. I’ve continued to pour a HUGE amount of content into the Academy. You’re getting my programs at 95% off the price. It’s still incredible value. I’m increasing the price to better reflect its value.

Handy hint: if you’re a math genius like Sheldon Cooper, you’ll note I’m more than doubling the price – it’s double + a halfing. 2.5x the price. Which is still 90% off the price of all the programs in it. A deliciously abundant deal. Everything ya need to create your dream life + biz.

What happens if I’m not a member?

As a courtesy, I wanted to give you a month so if you want to be a member you can sign up BEFORE the price increase.

What happens if I’m already a member?

If you’re already a member, you’ll be able to keep your membership price for the lifetime of your membership. You’ll be able to keep renewing at the hugely reduced price. If you can cancel, you’ll need to renew at the new price.

What’s coming up at the Academy!

In recent months, there’s been two bloody wonderful and powerful group coaching calls filled with lots of business + life wisdom (the ONLY way you can access me for coaching over the next year).

There’s also been the Six Figure Team System released AND the Best Day Ever meditation program.

You’ll also get BOTH Business + Life editions of the 2014 Create Your Amazing Year workbook, planner + calendar when they are released.

And you’ll get access to my upcoming brand new high level business program worth $2000 on how to DOUBLE your business quickly, soulfully, powerfully + joyfully.

That’s all on top of the rest of the existing Academy programs to grow your business, inspire your creativity, feel healthier, declutter your home and feel more peaceful + purposeful.

Remember: Let’s stay cool, calm, collected peeps

I always treat everyone in my world with respect, courtesy and kindness. If you wish to send shitty emails because you feel pissed I’m raising my prices, please know I will ban yo ass on social media/email/Academy faster than you can speak. Abuse of any kind is a big ole no-no in my world. I say this because money can press buttons and shoes can get thrown. If you feel your money buttons are pressed, this is a terrific time to start working on it using your usual tools. Helpful hint: sending bitchy emails isn’t a useful healing tool.

If you have a (respectful) question, by all means email my lovely support fairies (, ask it kindly + they’ll help you in great spades. We’re conscious creators here, people. Saying this with big ole love, respect + sovereignty.

Low price payment plan still available

Aaaaaaand just a reminder the PAYMENT PLAN is still available at the low price until the end of the month.

So if you’re really keen on changing your life + biz + seeing huge results, there ain’t no excuses.

I’m here to help those women who are ready to step up.

For those that do, the results are freakin’ spectacular.

All love all ways,