I will no longer listen to scary birth stories.

I will no longer listen to people who say “Birth is…” when they really should say “My experience of birth is…”

I will believe in myself.

I will believe in my baby.

I will believe in my partner.

I will read books that make me feel light inside.

I will not believe that there is anything wrong with me.

I will believe in the highest.

I choose to believe that Birth and Motherhood can be a fun adventure.

I choose to see that life, love and birth are what we decide it will be.

I choose to know that Little Mermaid’s birth will be profound – no matter what.

I choose to surround myself with healers and birth helpers who help me feel good, strong, courageous and well.

I choose my destiny, over and over again.

I choose to give over any judgements that I may know what is best for someone else’s journey. I choose to release any other person’s judgements of my journey also.

I choose freedom.

I choose strength.

I choose laughter and courage.

I choose to walk the path of the medicine woman.

I choose to not get wrapped up and knotted up in other people’s experiences or words.

I choose not to be injured.

I choose, over and over again, to be healed, to have faith, to love, and to laugh.

I choose to stand back up when I stumble.

I choose to be okay with myself.

I choose to walk in the morning light.

I choose to accept.

I choose to give thanks.

I choose the direction of well-being.

I choose the path of wisdom.

Again and again, I promise and dedicate this to myself.

I am only human, but inside me too,

there is a guru, a goddess, a woman,

who knows who she is,

and just how beautiful things can be

when she allows them in.