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Welcome to the highly anticipated second Q&A episode of Leonie Dawson Refuses to be Categorised!

It’s another THRILLING episode where I answer brilliant listener questions asked by the ever delightful bestie: Tam Protassow Adams!

In today’s episode, join me for a heartwarming chat with my bestie and platonic life companion Tam! We gab about our hilarious friendship, death planning (so proud of us!), and answer your brilliant questions about marketing & business. Yay! 

Tam and I have known each other since my oldest mermaid was a wee-maid! I can’t see life without her. The thought is honestly nauseating. So yesterday, we came up with yet another brilliant plan on how we’ll communicate our deaths to each other. It is genius!

Then we delved into a delightful Q&A about marketing strategies for new podcasts, balancing work and family, avoiding burnout, building epic relationships, finding creative motivation, and more! We’re serving up some really hot biz & life tea! Bring a cup, babes.

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Catching Up with Tam and Making Plans [0:02]

Marketing Strategies for Podcasts and Online Courses [5:34]

  • Marketing a new podcast

Strategies for Building Relationships and Successful Marketing [10:00]

  • Avoiding overwhelm with making and launching online programs

Birthing Our Babes [18:47]

Balancing Work and Family Life [22:00]

Finding Clarity and Balance [27:29]

Motivation and Daily Routine [33:54]

Creative Process and Market Research [38:56]

Reflections on Learning and Growth [45:04]

Bestie Love Bombs & Storytime [51:29]

Support & Uplifting Collaborations [56:36]

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Here are the questions I answered:

Jenny: What’s the best way to market a new podcast?

Shivani: What are the hot topics for online courses? 

  • Everyone talks about a formula for success. You don’t seem to follow it and are super successful. Why? How long do you give it before you know a course is unsuccessful? Any signs? Is it best to keep launching the same product or new ones?

Kate: How did you avoid overwhelm with making and launching online programmes when you started out?

Anonymous: How do you ride a wild donkey without the rest of your life falling apart? 

  • I love the wild donkey technique. In the past, I have ridden the wild donkey to great success! I’ve completed the project, but have become literally sick by the end and needed months to recover. Juggling parenting, wife-ing, work, sleep and exercise is hard enough. 
  • Squeezing donkey riding into every spare minute was satisfying but in the end not healthy for me. My creative project was complete, but I could not share it with the world to its full potential because I was exhausted. I want to ride more donkeys but I can’t afford to get sick again. 
  • Am I doing it wrong?

Nora from Germany: I am a young mother trying to balance family and work-life. Would love to hear your insights on how to find clarity as to what to prioritise and how to find a balance the expectations of myself and the surroundings.

Shez: How do you keep yourself motivated and enthusiastic about your business?

Shez: I would definitely love to know what ‘a day in the life of Leonie’ looks like and whether you classify ‘dreamtime’ (creating new ideas and products) as ‘work’? 

Rachael: If you had to build an audience today starting from 0 subscribers – what consistent actions would you take to start growing quickly?


  • How do you know what online course to create next? 
  • Do you do market research or follow your guidance/interests?

You can find the transcript of the episode HERE!

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Last but so not least, I mentioned a couple of cool offerings in this episode!

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