Photo by Maggie Ann Bishop


Hola darling hearts!!!


Thank you SO SO SO much amazing souls for celebrating with me about the launch and birth of my beautiful turquoise love letter.

I’m just so ding dang blessed & grateful by all of you.

This book was just going to be a side project that I just sold here in Proserpine at the NQ Spiritual Festival. But so many goddesses asked for it to be available for sale online, and so I popped it on there, not expecting much at all.

So it totally left me shaking my head amazed when it hit #4 on Amazon in the Spirituality/Occult section the day it launched.

And I get tears in my eyes whenever goddesses post photos of their own copies on Facebook, or share their beautiful thoughts on it.



There’s also been a bundle of questions about the book.

I’ll try & answer them all here in one handy-dandy place incase you’ve been wondering.


1. What if I live in the UK/Europe/Malaysia/South Africa/Uzbekistan? Can you sell your book here?


I’m only able to sell through Amazon US and CreateSpace, both of which are based in the US but they DO send internationally.

(I should know. The kajillion Amazon boxes with my name on them are evidence of this. And my book addiction. And the Post Office ladies who know me by name, colour preference, zaniness and post box number.)

For those living in the UK, I’ve asked for it to be sold on Amazon UK. Hopefully it will get listed there soon. It should be able to – but no promises.

Otherwise I’m really sorry if the postage costs are prohibitive. I decided to sell through Amazon US as I know they are the best book company that can service most of the world.

What you could do otherwise:

  • Get together with a friend or two to buy your books at the same time – or buy a number of them for presents. Postage costs don’t suck as much when you get more books. This is what I tend to do – get an Amazon order with 5 or so books.
  • Ask a local bookstore to order it in for you. I’ve enabled it for extended distribution so all kinds of bookstores can order it in.


2. What if I live in Australia? Can I buy directly from you?


Some goddesses have asked if there was a way they could buy from me directly. I wasn’t planning on offering this, but I’ll have extra copies from my next order, and can send a few out.

Price is $25 Aussie dollars (including free shipping & handling anywhere in Australia)

Delivery date: Will get to you by end of November.

UPDATE: Payment button now fixed! YAY!

To grab one, just click here:


(FYI: I’m only going to be receiving orders for this for a couple of weeks. After that, I’ll only be selling through Amazon.)



3. When does the launch price finish?



The book is sitting at $11.11 until 11/11.



4. When’s the last date to order a Proserpine Goddess Gift Pack?


I’m only taking sales for the limited edition Proserpine Goddess Gift Pack for the next *four* days – until 30 October. I don’t know if I’ll remember to update that the sale is ending, so if you’re wanting one, please remember to grab one.

As a reminder, the pack includes:

  • a personalised, signed copy of 73 Lessons Every Goddess Must Know from me to you
  • a Goddess Town bumper sticker (designed by Goddess Circle sister Julie Turner)
  • a 10 pack of Goddess Town Proserpine postcards (2 designs – photographed by Goddess Circle sister Trish McNeill – includes photo of me & Ostara!)
  • a 6×8 inch “Keep Calm & Carry on Cowgirl” art print canvas (designed by Goddess Circle sister Julie Turner)
All orders will be delivered by Christmas. I envisioned it as a beautiful present you could give yourself from Proserpine.
Price is $75 and includes FREE international postage.


5. How the HOLY DINGER did you manage to write this book?


I’m writing a mother-load of a huge post that will be published v. soon with a behind the scenes look at how I wrote and self published the book. Hopefully this will help answer all your beautiful questions dearest!


Thank you again for celebrating with me dearest hearts.

I am beyond honoured to be doing this work, sharing these words that are inside me. I can only hope that they meet you where you are, giving you just what you need. I just have so much faith and belief in the beauty of this world. And I’m going to keep making miracles. Keep sharing as much as I can. Sending out my words and art out into the world like rainbow-winged angels, flighting off to find the ones who are needing them.


I love you,