thank you for all of your love and good thoughts.

my uncle passed away this morning surrounded with love.

i talked to my mum, she has been so grateful that she could spend the last few days of his life with him. she sat with him and his son and daughter, and they all shared their stories of his life. they laughed a lot, cried a little. they teased him that next time he came back he would be a big vegetarian (he loves eating meat). he spoke a little about what he wished he had done differently, so they all sang frank sinatra “regrets” to him. he said he was a very lucky man. he was very much at peace when he died.

i just went and sat in the paddock. made a little altar with my tiny copper buddha, some crystals and some sacred incense i got when i was in malaysia. then i went and walked around with the ibis birds for a while. i found myself standing in a huge circle of their feathers. there was dozens of them. it was special.

and i was just thinking how i wanted to send rainbow thoughts out
to touch him on his journey,
and to all of my family… my mum, my granny, my cousins, my siblings ~~~
and i went outside and took this photo, and didn’t even see until i put it on the computer…

can you see it?
the smiling rainbow?

(off to nap and be gentle… there is still a bit of pain in the peace…)