G’day beautiful souls!

The next round of my uber popular + powerful Business Goddess program begins in just 11 days on 1 October!

If you are ready to take your change your business and your life, I’d deeply recommend you checking it out!

It’s almost 200 pages of business + marketing wisdom. It took me almost two years to write. It’s a veritable tome.

If you’ve been wanting to start or grow your own heart centered business from your gifts, this program is for you.

And it comes highly recommended from some pretty incredible people too:


I refer so many of my clients to Leonie’s Business Goddess e-course. It’s the most wonderful, fun, colorful, creative, easy to read & understand resource available.

If you would like to cut to the chase and learn everything about marketing your business online ~ this is one resource I can highly highly recommend.

It’s informative, user friendly, creative and could save you years of reading about how to promote and sell yourself on the internet.

–Dawn Breslin, Hay House author


What I love about The Business Goddess course is that it’s fun, lush and soups-to-nuts on what you need to have a love-filled, fit-you and successful business.

Highly recommended!

– Jennifer Louden
Best-selling author of
The Life Organizer
Creator of Savor & Serve The World (jenniferlouden.com)




This e-course is a veritable encyclopedia of creative business guidance.

I’m still kind of floored by all the things Leonie covers in it. Here was this happy hippy beach chick, thriving in her creative business, and willing to share all the millions of things she’s learned to get there.

Her advice is smart. And generous.

Thanks in large part to Leonie’s help, I feel I’m right where I’m meant to be, in my new business. I know how to do the things to help my company grow; I know the next step I want to go in. And the next step after that.

– Christine Long, artist



I rave like a fanatic every time I mention this course

Signing up for it was, quite simply, the best decision I ever made for my business.

And I’ll happily say so – repeatedly – to anyone and everyone who’ll listen!

I suspect it’s been a huge part of what’s made my business.

– Tanja, Copywriter