Lilies Sally gave to me today. Sunshine yellow.

There are no limits to your being, only those you ascribe to yourself.
– Pir Vilayat Inayat Khan “Alchemical Wisdom”


such blessings of friendships and support.
since i opened, I have been overwhelmed by the emails of love and joy sent to me.

all whispering to me in gentle tones ~ yes.
and this “yes” permeates my spirit, and in quiet moments I hear it swirling like soup, dancing like wind
yes yes yes
yes i like this
yes i am doing what i want to do
yes this makes sense
yes this is joyful.
yes yes yes
and even more powerful yesses
yes i am alive
yes i am loved
yes i have found my work.

i thank each of you, from the bottom of my heart, and the top of my heart.
for whispering these yesses to me, and filling up my cup of yes to overflowing.
in an email to SARK yesterday i wrote, and wanted to share:

life has transformed for me this year. so many blessings.

growing in self love, and growing in love with a man.

a dog. even when he performs amorous activities with his bedding. so

much love and lessons emanating from his small body.

joining a women’s group. the most empowering thing i have ever done

for myself. a circle which realises all my spiritual beliefs, and

encourages the wilderness of my innards.

the journal which i began only months ago, but which has transformed

into something much more. i share it with the world, with an open

heart. losing my preconceptions of privacy and opening to the wonder

of connecting.

and the opening of

the blossoming of a flower

at the moment it is grey and raining and storming outside

dear little charlie runs around the house, barking with bravado at

the thunder, then jumping into my lap to intermittently cower and

joyfully lick at my face.

my dear little dog.

oooh, an analogy for my year.

i have always tried to grow plants. they have all dwindled and died.

i had enough trouble nourishing myself without nourishing anything


this year, i tried again.

i now have windowsills filled with yellow marigolds (my favourite

flower) and herbs ~ coriander, parsley, chives, chilli plants. all

flourishing, all beautiful.

so yes ~ a growing, flourishing year.

december for me is a year of reflection. turning inward to the year

that was, then turning outward to see and dream for the next year.

Your world is shaped by the words that come out of your mouth.

Jesus said two thousand years ago, that its not what you put in your mouth that make people sick, its what comes out of it. The reason for this is, that whatever you talk about you believe in, which in turn strengthens your belief system, especially when you tell someone else, the belief becomes even stronger.

When two minds are joined in one belief, the belief becomes so strong, it then becomes reality.


More and more I am learning this.

More and more I am beginning to understand that the way I choose to think of this world, and speak of it,

this is how my world shall form and exist.


Had women’s group last night. Thus me posting this this morning.

Great big vibracious blessings to you all.