Sculpture outside Canberra Gallery, Sept 04.

A healthier way of emotion…

A beautiful friend of mine asked me if I had put anger on a friend.

She was right. (Thank you Em)

And whilst I am still upset by the situation, I am not holding on to or embracing that upset.

I am not fostering that upset into resentment, fear or anger.

There is a healthier way to this…

I am backing away with tiny incremental steps from anger and letting things be

Because all this judgement making and fear creating isn’t healthy for me.

I’m just going to be me, what I am, open hearted

Because when I am open hearted it is for me, not for anyone else.

When I choose to love everyone regardless of their actions, my world is a happier place.

I am choosing not to have negative thoughts about this…

It is not easy, but that is what I am choosing.

Acceptance without judgement is what I am striving to have.

If I am negative, and angry and fear filled about this situation, I am not curing anything.

you see, when em said that i was putting my anger on to this person, i thought – too right i am, and that’s because she has done this and this and this

but i took what she had said and digested it

thought it through

when i am angry with anyone my world feels out of kilter.

when i came in this morning to work, i had a whole lot of emails in my inbox from the Daily Guru and Word of The Days and TUT’s etc… and so many of them said when I project negative thoughts out into this world, that is what I will receive back….

stuff like this….

“What you send out always comes back tenfold. The world will reflect to you a mirror image of your predominant thoughts and emotions.

Emotions of love will always reflect a safe and prosperous world, whilst emotions of anger and fear will reflect back a world of hate, malice and lack.”


“You are the channel by which all emotion must pass first before it goes out into the world. Do you want to experience more love? Then you must first give love. You are the center from which all emotion emanates.

Do not blame others for making you angry. You must remember that anger arises from within you first. When you squeeze an orange, you can only get orange juice.

It is the same with us. When we are emotionally squeezed, we give out what is stored within. Your response to a hostile person could be love just as easily as being hostile in return.

It is said that when Jesus was on the cross, the soldiers pierced his side with a sword and water poured out from the wound. Water is the symbol of peace. Do you get the message?”

– The Daily Guru

I swear I will not dishonor my soul with hatred, but offer myself humbly as a guardian of nature, as a healer of misery, as a messenger of wonder, as an architect of peace.

– Diane Ackerman

Would it comfort you to know, Leonie, that there is always a solution, there are always “happy grounds”, and that everything is going to turn out in your favor?

– Tallyho,

The Universe

“When we are full of joy and gratitude, we tend to send out higher waves of positive energy, which magnetize back to us high frequency experiences like great opportunities, positive-minded people, healthy bodies, etc.

Also, when we send out the energy of doubt, frustration and fear, we tend to attract challenging experiences that aren’t desirable.

There always is another choice. It is up to you.”

– The Daily Guru

This last line sorta stuck with me in a way… “There is always another choice. It is up to you.” Funny considering my signature line on the MMB is “Joy is an option”

Damn straight it is. So is acceptance, love, and self love.

So slowly, surely I am choosing the right way.

Not the EASY way… but the right way.

for me.