My loves!

You’ve probably gathered from the title that there’s 50% off two of my courses:

Whyyyyyyy, you ask?

Well the short answer is; I’m retiring both of them!

(Ohhh you wanted the long answer? HA! Okay, here you go…)

There are 2 main reasons I’m retiring these courses in particular:

  1. I’m wanting to trim down my library of offerings to make space for sparkling new ideas and creations – I’ve always felt like a clean slate helps guide me towards my next project, obsession, creative love etc. I’ve retired hundreds of courses, and I’ll retire more in future. I think of it as a spring clean, in a sense. Out with the old to make room for the new.
  2. They’re not live courses – Anxiety Balm was always a self-guided course, and the way it’s structured doesn’t lend itself to 1 hour live calls. For Soul Care; Deb and I always planned on only running the circle live once, and that’s exactly what we did.

Anxiety Balm & Soul Care in Uncertain Times are going away forever in less than 3 days!

For the next couple of days, you can score one or both these courses for a whopping 50% off before they are gone forevs. That’s US $34.50 each! TEENY TINY PRICES!

Anxiety is a part of my story, and has been for ten years.

Anxiety Balm was created half as a love story to my own anxiety (everything in this course I use myself) and a half as a way to try and support others who might be struggling with anxious thoughts and overwhelm.

These days, anxiety doesn’t control me the way it used to. Doesn’t dictate my days. Doesn’t make me feel bereft and conquered.

I know what works. I know what doesn’t. I know how to tame the wild banshee. And when a friend tells me they are suffering, I know I can help them. I can give them the love and the tools for them to have their own Anxiety Balm. 

So that’s what this invitation is for.

I would love to be your anxiety doula. Your anxiety big sibling.

Join me for 21 days of tools and tips to calm, soothe and bring solace to your anxious soul.

What works, what doesn’t.

You’ll feel (SO) much less alone. Fortified with good medicine. Knowing what you need in order to heal and manage your anxiety.

My darling, lifelong friend Deb Namara and I created Soul Care in Uncertain Times last year when the world went into its first lockdown. Overnight, Deb’s thriving business as a massage therapist, doula and women’s circle leader had to shutter due to COVID19.

And as we talked together about what she would do next, we realised what we needed to do: Work together, and share her work with you.

It was time. We put together 4 weeks of online retreats, recorded them and created Soul Care for Uncertain Times. They ended up being such a precious, profound experience.

You’ll feel stronger and more resilient in times of uncertainty, a deeper sense of calm & self love, and more deeply connected (even though a lot of us are still isolated).

So what does this all mean for you?

(AKA I answer your questions as if I can read your miiiiiind…)

  • You have however long is on the timer to nab Anxiety Balm and Soul Care before they disappear forever!
  • Since both courses are self-guided (i.e. no live components such as calls or retreats), you can get started right now! Yup, as soon as you purchase you’ll be able jump right into the first modules straight away, while the rest of the course will drip release over time.
  • If you’re already a member, you certainly do not need to repurchase! You only need to buy whatever you don’t have, if you want to!
  • Current & new members will have access to course materials for at least 12 months. When the timer hits zero, it means the ability to purchase a membership has ended.
  • There are no payment plans for these because they are already discounted to the high heavens and back!
  • We don’t offer refunds for change of mind (please make sure you read the sales pages thoroughly and email us with any cheeky Qs before purchasing to avoid potential upset)
  • Want to buy after the timer hits zero? BZZZT! NOPE SORRY! You have until the timer hits zero to enrol. After that, these courses are being SHELVED! Sent to the farm! Laid to rest! Etc etc.

Questions I haven’t answered? Easy babes, easy! Just send ’em to

Here’s how much time you have left before they’re gone:

Make sure you get in now before these two disappear forever!

It’s been an absolute honour sharing both of these offerings with you and although their time is coming to an end, I’m ready for whatever comes next.

With warmth, hugs & love,