A beautiful morning.

I have a cold, and the day off work to rest and recover.

It is raining outside.

I stand there, with my dog by my side, and look out at it.

And there is something that Lisa Marie said on her blogger recently.

It is raining where she is, and she thought to herself:

what would Leonie do?

Leonie would go for a picnic in the rain.

And photograph the rain.

So I was standing there, and it was raining.

And Lisa Marie’s post reminded me to live the divine question:

what would the inner child do?

Without thinking it’s cold, that it wouldn’t help my flu,

that i would get my hair wet and my feet muddy.

I stopped thinking these things, and I heard a voice inside of me say:

I want to feel the rain on my face.

I want to dance naked in my underwear.

I want to squelch mud between my toes.

I want to EXPLORE the garden.

So, I listened to the responsible voice, and I listened to my inner child.

And I compromised.

I put on old jeans, a warm flannellette and a green Super Princess hat.

And me and my dog ventured out.

In the rain.

I did not know what I wanted to do, so we ran up and down the house a couple of times.

Then I got distracted by the roses.

And thought:

I should collect roses for the house.

So there I was, in the pouring raincutting roses, and putting them in vases.

Giggling away.

The dog at my feet.

And I came to the part of the garden I call the “secret garden”

it is a small section overflowing with roses and two pine trees…

secluded and private.

My vases full, I could just *be* with the flowers and the rain and the trees.

I kissed the roses.

Put my face in their centres.

Breathed in their scent.

Pine leaves heavy with raindrops.

I drank from them.

let rain drops drip onto my lips.

pure. refreshing.

then i drank from the full roses.

they tasted of waterfalls and worlds untold.

rosewater in all senses of the word.

I sat in the muddy earth and just breathed, tasted it all in.

Then we came upstairs, and I had a long long bath…

sitting in the tub, beneath the warm pulsating water.

The water goddess revealed and dancing.

Emerging, renewed, alive.

Taking photos of the flowers in vases,

reliving their sweet scent

and their tender friendship, sensuality, love to me.

A magical morning.

A romance with roses.

A wonder of water.

I am in love.

With the world.

With myself.

Love and laughter,