Hola gorgeous Goddesses!

A special treat for you today… a guest post on sacred communication from a Goddess I love muchly – the Goddess Kyeli from Freak Revolution. Goddess Kyeli is an alternative relationships coach & an awesomeificationist (I’m not sure if that’s a word… but it totally is now!) I’m also blessed to work with Goddess Kyeli as a Goddess Apprentice, and it is an honour to support her in her blooming & shining.

You’ll be able to read a little more about Goddess Kyeli at the end of this post… but for now… her beautiful words on Sacred Communication (and as I was writing that – I realised how close Sacred Communication is to Sacred Communion!)

Sacred Communication

A picture that kinda doesn’t relate to this post… but cracked me up so much, I had to include it. It’s sacred. It’s communication! It’s me & Goddess Rachelle letting Angel & Sammy-puppies talk over skype!

. . .

You speak, I listen, together we communicate.

Communication is the verbal air we breathe. I exhale words, you
inhale as you listen, and we work together to understand each other.

When we communicate, we are engaging in a special form of magick.
Storytelling engages us in the act of creation: our stories shape our
worlds and we go forth to shape the worlds of others. Offering our
perspective, that unique way we alone see the world, opens us to
sharing more deeply and clearly, allowing us to co-create and connect
with others.

Every time we speak, we are putting a bit of ourselves – that shiny
inner unique core – out into the world. We’re offering something that
is solely of us; even if we’re quoting someone else, we’re saying it
in our voice, using our breath. We bond with others when we speak and
when we listen – as our words are spoken by us and taken in by
another, we are connecting at a very powerful, primal level.

We take it for granted, but there is immense power in speaking words
out loud. Think of affirmations spoken to our reflections, receiving
praise in front of others, hearing whispered sweetness from a lover in
bed before sleep, the first time your infant cries, hearing your name
through a noisy crowd, “yes” when you’re on bended knee… Music to
your ears, shooting straight through you.

I can show you that I love you, but there’s nothing sweeter than
hearing me speak it aloud.

Listening is the other side of communication. Checking in, when you
focus all your attention on someone and actively listen without
interruption, brings magick into what we might otherwise consider an
ordinary encounter. Listening honors the spirit of the speaker, and
that breeds connection. When we really listen, listen with our
full attention, we open ourselves to experiencing more fully the lives
of other people.

And that is the crux of communication. We all need to feel heard and
understood. When we speak, we’re not just flapping our lips; we’re
striving toward oneness. Communication brings us connection on a
level akin to communion with the Divine.

It bridges the gaps between us.

And that is a sacred act.

. . .

Kyeli Smith is a freaky geeky tattooed pierced hippie lesbian witch.
She’s also an unschooling mom, a writer, a wearer of long stripy
socks, and a singer of silly made-up songs. She co-leads the Freak
, a community for alternative people who want to set their hearts free of society’s cages. Read the Freak Revolution Manifesto here!