Saturday afternoon was birthed clear and blue, shining and new.
What to create on a day such as this?

Dream this:

Souls driving out of the city
and into the southern alpine fields that kiss the feet of tender purple mountains.

A Sacred Sounds Concert on a healing retreat ~
friends, lovers, families, dear ones to celebrate sacred sounds.

Imagine making music because that’s what calls you,
that’s what frees you, that’s what makes community.
There are no mistakes, there is only sound, and there is only laughter,
as you make music together.

Imagine a circle of souls:
of healers, children, teachers, musicians, shamans, filipino tribal chiefs, artists, fairies and farmers
holding hands in one circle, in oneness,
in an old circlular cow shed
singing ohm together
until the sacred sound swirls around them
and dances up through the roof
making spirits creak and souls soar.

Imagine dancing like an eagle,
in a circle of dancing eagles,
with a goddess child in your arms.

Imagine a couple who love each other
tenderly, honestly and genuinely.
Who love this Earth and its people so much that they open their hearts and their land
to make a healing retreat and hold gatherings to come home to.

the entirely beautiful peter and gini

Imagine an incredible band who don’t make just music:
they make spirit and magic and dreams play harmony in the air.

Gorgeous George and their sublime drummer

Imagine the Andi and George band that make music that is your soul home.
Imagine them and then buy every single album they own,
because they deserve it and you deserve them.
You deserve their tilting, dancing, miraculous ocean music beauty in your heart.

Goddess Andi

Imagine bare feet
aching to tell
their story
in movement.

Imagine your friends, your circle sisters
swirling together into light and song and dance
there in the cow shed with you.

Angel and Freya

Goddess Kaylia

Imagine a gathering of souls and music
where dogs are just as much a part of the gathering
as anybody else.

Imagine a beautiful man who loves you
so deeply, unconditionally and acceptingly,
always gently watching from the corner,
always watching you fly.

Imagine a man who is a lake of reflection,
soaking it all into his depths,
letting the singing bowl and the didjeridoo
make their music inside him.

Imagine walking by the lake,
coming home to yourself and to the Earth,
strung in a necklace of Goddesses
who have become your tribe.

Imagine finding a woman who is like a twin to you.
Imagine her. She is coming. She has arrived.

Imagine reclaiming the Dance:
the Dance of Freedom, the Dance that makes you Glad,
the Dance your body longs to dance.
Imagine the Dance that isn’t about judgements or others,
it is the Dance of Being Alive and Barefoot and Grateful.

All I need to dance now
is hands beating drums
and the dirt floor of a cow shed.

All I need to dance now
is Mother Earth
kissing my bare feet

and Father Sun’s light
kissing my bare face and arms

and the sacred sound of our own hearts beating.

All we need is the sacred sound of our own hearts beating.

Imagine it… so it may be…

In brilliance,