Hey treasures,

Just wanted to give you a bushfire update as I’ve had some of you reach out to ask.

We are safe from the large bushfire that has been raging here on the Sunshine Coast.

It started just a few hundred metres from our old home that we lived in up until a few months ago, and we still own and rent out.

Our new home was out of harm’s way thankfully.

Lots of our friends were evacuated or preparing to evacuate, and there has been some sleepless nights while we checked on fire updates and to see if a friend needed to evacuate to our place with pets.

Our eldest kid was off school yesterday while we waited to see what the wind would do.

We have had helicopters over our house constantly doing water bombing runs. Thankfully, the fire is officially out.

I am in awe and deep gratitude to the fire fighters and emergency services. I get teary when I think about it!

I’m also donating to the wildlife rescue service who are helping so many injured animals. This area is so special for wildlife and the damage that has been caused is awful.

I also vacillate between crankiness that this was caused by humans, and deep compassion for the teenagers and their families who started this fire.

Mistakes are awful to make, and this is a bloody big one to make, with such big consequences on the community and environment.

I’m also reminded about community trauma – when there is a crisis in your local area, it is normal to feel heightened levels of anxiety, insomnia, hopelessness and later, depression. This is even when you are not affected by the tragedy personally.

The antidote to these big and normal feelings is self care, gentleness, getting out and talking to people in your area and feeling connected.

Remember we are mammals – we need touch and comfort to thrive.
I’m sending you all so much love, from my heart to yours. Tonight… I sleep.

Big love,

P.S. I wrote this a week ago… since then the bushfire was put out, then resurrected again like a zombie, put out again… and now another one has begun. Would love some rain now pleeeeease and thankkkkk youuuuuu Rain Gods!