I’m absolutely THRILLED to share my latest offering to the creative gods… SALT: an erotic romance novella.

You can buy it now on Kindle from Amazon US, Amazon Australia, Amazon UK (and all other Amazon websites too!)

I’ve been wanting to write an erotic novella for years now.

I fell in love with the genre about 8 years ago, and have read close to a thousand romance and erotic books since then. They are my happy place, and they reawakened my love for fiction. And heyoooooo they also increased my libido – for most women, these kinds of creative imaginings go hand in hand with our sensuality!

I’ll be honest though: it took me a few years to work up the courage to do it. I’ll release a podcast episode talking about some of those fears in depth. But I just felt out of my depth with it… it was something completely new, and I realised I identified as a non-fiction writer, instead of just… a writer.

I’m SO glad I did. I wrote it in the space of about 10 days, and they were glorious, hard, happy, scary hours spent. I had to face the blank page! I had to write my first sex scene! I had to keep turning up and doing the thing!

I finished it. Well, I thought I was done. And then at night, trying to fall asleep, I knew it wasn’t complete yet. So I woke up at sun break, padded out to my studio, and tapped out the words, taking dictation for spirit. And then it was complete, truly. And I cried, and I walked out into the sunlight, and all of me was dancing. I can do wild, new, glorious things. I can tell new stories. I can be brave. And I was so so proud of myself. That I’d done it. I’d faced my fears. I’d carved out time to make this radical, random offering to the creative gods.

Salt: an erotic romance novella is published under my pen name of Lola Leigh. I decided to do it as a pen name so that when people search Leonie Dawson on Amazon, they find all my goals workbooks, and if I decide to write more novellas, I can include them under the Lola Leigh “brand.”

What’s the book about?

SALT is an erotic romantic novella of 14,000 words. It’s sexy, and it’s sweet, and it’s more.

Here’s the synopsis:

Lola is finding her way in the world, through the wily paths of growing into herself and dealing with a tangled family web. It’s only when she meets Cowboy by chance one night that she begins to find her true self and home. One heated night on a bus, and one sensual week on a farm. Will it be enough?

It’s slightly odd, and reverential. It’s a love story between two humans. And a love story for the land. It’s a love story for North Queensland, its culture and its language.

Most of all though, it’s one of the truest things I think I’ve written, even though it’s fiction.

I think it’s hard for authors to write about their own fiction though. It means something to me. And it means something for the advance readers. And I will love hearing what it means for you too.

Order your copy now

SALT is available on Kindle from all Amazon sites worldwide. (Even if you don’t have a Kindle, you can just download the free Kindle app to read on your computer, iPad or phone!)

But most of all, this is for the creative goddesses.

Thank you for moving through me. Thank you for letting me play. Thank you for letting me discover a new part of myself.

I’m gladder, and bigger, and braver, for having told the story of Lola and Cowboy.

Big love,

P.S. Updated to add…

OMG OMG OMG OMG! #1 Best Seller!!!! WTAF!!!!! I am THRILLED and honoured and just a little bit stunned!