Hello my darlinghearts,

So, you know SARK, right?

The Queen Mothership of All Things Rainbow and Soulful?

This is her:

Instant adoration, right?

The turquoise walls! The vast tubs of coloured markers! That smile!

I mean, just look at this magnificent purple & sequinned adorned woman hugging herself!

What’s not to fall madly in love with?

I remember when I found one of her rainbow books in a store.

It felt like coming home.

Since then I’ve amassed a hefty collection of her books.

This is only a third of my collection.

I would have photographed them all together, but that would have meant rearranging my bookshelf which would have woken baby goddess which would have meant I couldn’t have kept tip-tapping you this lovenote.

So here I am.

I could scarcely have believed when I first fell in love with SARK that only a few years later I would be in some of her books. Four of them, I think! My goshness. Including a three page interview in Juicy Pens, Thirsty Paper.

My heart is very, very grateful.

I’m just so glad that there is a SARK in the world.

This is one of SARK’s artworks.

But all this?

It’s not why I’m writing to you today.

I’m writing to you because she’s written a new book.

A book that feels like a warm hug.

A book that feels like a dear friend meeting you for tea, and pouring her heart and tears out over what a year it’s been.

All the exquisiteness, the pain, the grief, the sadness, the soul on spin cycle.

And the beingness of glad that bubbles through.

I was talking to my dear friend Sone on the phone about this book.

And we both kinda felt:

It’s a very 2010 book, you know?

The year that was such radical transformation for so many.

The year we had to have.

The year we lost in order to gain.

Make no mistake, it is a magnificent and raw and a jewel of a book.

The Interview!!!!

So I sent the Queen Mothership a love letter…

inviting her to please, please come visit us here in Goddess land… to spread her Glad No Matter What magic.

And she said YES.

So we did.

It’s less than fifteen minutes long.

We guffaw a lot.

We were supposed to go for longer.

But guess what?

Something magical happens.

Something rare and brave and needed in this world.

Listen, & find out.

[audio: https://leoniedawson.com/med/sarkcall.mp3]

Have you listened?




me & beautiful Susan want to invite you…

no we dare you to…

skive off

in whatever possible way you can today.

Permission duly granted.

And that is the end of this very magical story.

And perhaps the only right thing for me to do right now…

is skive off to bed to read & nap.


herculean love & gentle beach waves,