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We’re starting to pull things together for our 2nd annual Shining Biz and Life conference… book in the date!

Four five important things to share:

1.  I will NOT be doing any other live events or speaking gigs or meet-and-greets outside of this annual conference going forward. This is your ONLY chance to see me! I’m limiting live events to just this conference for a number of reasons including healing burnout.

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2. We will be LIVE STREAMING the conference... so even if you aren’t flying in, book out your weekend anyway and watch from home!

The conference live stream is available exclusively to Academy members… and it will be FREE to them (because, as always, I like to wildly spoil them)

But if you can come, you defo should… the live element is just INCREDIBLE!

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3. Tickets are ONLY for Academy members, and as usual, they are a huuuuuge discount for them — only $200 for the 2 day conference.

It is NOT a profit-making event for us, the $200 covers catering and venue. There are no upsells, there is no hard sells, there is no soft sells… it’s all just pure content + connection!!!!

Despite the low-end price… it is a high-end, top-quality event… we got solid 9 + 10 star reviews from all our participants last year, with many of them saying it was absolutely world-class and the best conference they’d ever attended, including internationally! HOORAY!

(We had people fly in from Scotland + the US last time! Amazing!)

4. Conference video and audio recordings and slides and worksheets will be available afterwards – but ONLY for Academy members. And of course – it will be FREE with their membership.


5. It will be two gloriously full days of business-building workshops intermingled with yoga and meditation. Plus you’ll be meeting some truly incredible souls… I know many peeps from last year’s event met their BFF’s! It was truly an uplevelling event… people left feeling so inspired and ready to take on the world with their goals and businesses.

Spiral Line

I’m so excited already!

Book it in your calendars, dearests… and I’ll see you there!

And if you’re not an Academy member yet… holy dooley girl, what on earth are you waiting for? It’s all there, inside, waiting there for you!!!! (Including the full recordings from our conference this year!!!!!)


I can’t wait to see what magic we create together!

Big love,

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