Hola precioushearts!

Another little creative project I’ve been working on… creating a scrapjournal for our little merbaby 🙂

Since we became pregnant, I’ve been wanting to create a beautiful journal to document this precious time. I hunted up and down for the perfect sized book to do it in – but then lightbulb moment! I realised it could be a FOLDER instead of a journal!

One that grew and got added to as I needed to!

So I got a plain ringbinder… and went to goddess-town on it…

Creative Goddess: Creating a Baby Journal from Goddess Leonie on Vimeo.

I’m so loving how richly textured it is becoming!

This could be gorgeous not just as a baby’s journal… but a folder for all your little ones’ creations and your words about them… or your own journal including all your poems, photos, words, doodles & spirit-musings…

or even as your own incredible year workbook + planner!

*happy sigh*

A little creative project I’ll be playing with over the Christmas break I think 🙂

Speaking of creative goodness… I got visited by the Muse Of A Fully Formed Gorgeous Creative Idea today… I love when the idea just comes all ready to go – and all I need to do is listen, create, and let it flow through… so for the next few days, I’ll be doing that… and will hopefully share with you the finished treasure in a few days! Holy dinger! 🙂 I love this time of the year… summer solstice – so much sun, warmth, ideas and creative energy. It’s definitely my time of the year for creating and making ideas full and ripe and out in the world!

Hope this creative project is just magical for you…

you are amazing!

love, love, and have I mentioned LOVE!!!