under the moonlight, mixed media commission

{I created this for a woman who wanted a special birthday present for her best friend. she wanted a piece of artwork that celebrated their friendship and shared journeys, dancing together under the moonlight. She wanted symbolism of their two different religions (christianity and paganism) included, as well as their two favourite colours ~ all differences embraced and melded together, just like their friendship. I just loved working to create her vision, and having the opportunity to help celebrate such a beautiful connection.)

Have been busy these last few days doing my life and my art,
taking deep breaths
and circling with women
photographing in the sunset by the lake
dreaming bigger.

I have a big ole butterfly net out catching dreams.
That’s where it matters.
So for now,
I share the below words with you,
that I spoke at my solo art exhibition.

Sometimes I burst open with the hope I hold for all of us, and the sight of the great beauty that resides in us. We are mountains, valleys, rivers, deserts of human emotion and experience. We are simple, silly, complex, captivating, wondrous beings. Some days we can almost feel the feathered wings growing from our backs. Some days we feel so stuck in our humanness the only place we wish to be is under the doona.

I wish you a large butterfly net to catch your dreams in.
I wish you fifty small miracles and the sight to see them.
I wish you a well worn and tattered book filled with everything you are grateful for in this life.
I wish you a cup of tea brimming over with love.
I wish you a wide openness to love ~ love for yourself, love for your tribe, love for those tender, fabulous creatures who surround you.
I wish you a picnic. Occasionally it will rain on you, and you will fashion hats out of plastic bags before resorting to hiding out in the public toilets, but it will always be worth it. Adventures always are.
I wish for you deep friendships that split you open in sweet vulnerability, to see all parts of you and love you anyway. They will make you more YOU than you have ever known. There is a great healing when your stories are heard.
I wish you the courage to be yourself.
I wish you the sight to see yourself right where you are, then put your loving glasses on.
I wish you a blue tattoo that wakes you in the morning, singing Joy is an option.
I wish you painting wild and raucous colours in the backyard, the creation of your world as you wish it, a night stand of books that touch you and a lush journey of life.
And of course, I wish you a platter of fairy bread to sustain you.

From the highest part in me, to the highest part in you, I thank you for being here today and everyday.