Hola darlinghearts,

Bear with me party people. I have a major soul insight to share with you.

But to get to it, you’ll have to miander through Waffleville first.


I’ve had a new crush lately.

Firstly: The Voice Australia.

Secondly: The new judge on The Voice Australia: Ricky Martin.

And let’s get major shallow for a moment:

I was a teenager when Ricky got uber famooose. I didn’t get smooshy hearted over him then.

Honestly, I was kinda bummed that the lovely, kind-hearted Keith Urban was leaving the show. For me, watching The Voice is like watching a parade of earth angels. I KNOW it’s just a reality show. But it’s not just reality either – it’s divine. I see spirited, creative peeps changing the world with their gifts. I LOVE that.

And I wanted to keep an open heart that Ricky would be able to replace the Keith-Void.

And he totes did. Above + beyond.

Dude oozes grace, childlike joy + deep spirituality. Deep, deep centered soul.


Which led me to making these kind of Instagram claims:

And reading his bloody magnificent book.

It is sacred + creative + open-hearted all at once.


This particular piece made me go breathless.

And I wanted to share it with you.

So much so that I’m taking a break from cooking cupcakes + crafting (my usual weekend thang) to plop it gently here for you:

For me, one of the greatest failures of human beings is that we always search for a way to define people, to categorize them and give them a label. And within these categories, there are of course, “good” and “bad”. To not categorize people as either positive or negative when we call them “good” or “bad”, I instead try to visualise them as frequencies that are either compatible or incompatible with mine. I have simply decided to grab on to the compatible ones, those that help me and nourish my spirit, and I try not to focus on whatever steals my peace or decelerates the growth of my soul.

Happy Sunday, darlinghearts.

Wisdom to carry with you in your pocket.


P.S. I’m so glad I’m in this world. So glad it’s filled with so many incredible beings!