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friend flower for Lile & Tom

“Regret for the things we did
can be tempered by time;
it is regret for the
things we did not do
that is inconsolable.”
~ Sydney J. Harris

and we talked about nothing much
until he said:

“how’s life?”

i said:

“do you really want to know?”

there was a moment,
and then there was


so i talk. i tell him about my life.
about my observations of my cold, of my moon bleeding.
of my fears and my courage.
about a lingering release.
burning negative thoughts in a frypan.
about how far i reach, how big I dream.
the paint that streaks my spirit.
how words grow inside, stutter out my mouth and i claim them as my own.
what i am, and what i will do, and who i will become.
the buffalo, the women, the goddesses, the art.
these things that fill my life now.

hours go by, there at our little wooden table,
with the dog that pounces,
the lover that listens,
and the words that spill into the night.