unfurl your wings & soar

i have been drinking up new knowledge of abunDance, seeing my relationship with money and shifting my beliefs on prosperity.
(Resources: The Secret movie, 40 Day Prosperity Plan audio cd, Creative Visualisation by shakti gawain)

i am beginning to see how i chopped up spirituality and money, put them in two seperate buckets, thinking they were seperate and could not co-exist together.

now i see they belong together, they are inseperable.
divine abundance to sustain and nourish us on our divine journeys.

when i trust god~great spirit~goddess that i will be strong and wise enough to dance through life, i am also trusting it to support me soulfully, mindfully, creatively and financially. yes, financially. it seems to be the *f* word in spirituality sometimes.

if i trust great spirit to be an abundant source of light that is a part of me, and all around me, would this not also infiltrate the energy of money?

i have in the past felt as though i needed to abstain from money in order to be spiritual. throughout the ages, individuals have chosen to abstain from humanly pursuits including sex and money in order to deepen their connection to the divine. whilst i do honour other’s paths, and how they choose to seek great spirit, i wonder how i can evolve into a bigger relationship.

what if i considered *everything* as profound,
a human experience leading to enlightenment?
just as there has been a movement for sacred sexuality,
can there be a movement for divine dollars?

we are all energy. on a physical level, moving down through atoms and particles, at the very base of our bodies is only energy. what we think, how we move our bodies, and what energy we choose to hold affects those energy beings around us, including other souls, our circumstances and even financial energy bodies.

can we create a new paradigm of plentitude?

yesterday i meditated and connected with the great source, in a wide shining beam of white light that descended from a sky of golden white creative energy. i realised in that instant of the potent prosperity that is inherit to the great mystery, and thus inherent to me.

i dream of new ways i can reside in this human body and human life, excavating my true origins, and adorning myself in the cloths of true potential and magnificence.

money energy is the spiritual white elephant, and i am a spirit woman bedecked in a safari outfit.
not so long ago, i wondered at how possibly i could live in spirit and in financial abundance.
now i see that living in spirit is a part of that. it is the canyon of doubt to cross, and the stepping into my role as magician, magic maker and creator of my own destiny.
as i align myself with the energy of the universe, i come to realise the energy of sustenance, creation and nourishment is the most natural thing of all.

i would love to hear your stories of marvellous money, dollar dancing and yin/yang of yen.