It is the beginning of a new season, a new cycle of life.
How do I want this one to be?

This is how I want to remember Spring 2006:

Eating fresh fruit in the grass. A pear in the park, a shared orange on the patio with my lover.

Watching the trees serenade into a chorus of green overnight.

Planning and planting the seeds for our new garden.

Making collages in bed.

Growing deeper in friendship with other souls.

Being gentle with my body, falling in love with myself through yoga and body balance. The sacredness of stretching.

Writing the lyric tunes of spirit to sing to the world. How beautiful you are, world. How beautiful you are, each of you. How beautiful our stories are.

Using the energy of crystals to connect with my highest truth and speak it.

Singing more. Trusting in the timbre of my voice and the strength in my belly.

I want to finally get that b a l a n c e thing worked out. Less computer time, more Life time.

Holding my belly more. Nurturing me, showering myself with love as a woman bearing a new soul would.

I want to remember this time as being
playful, radiant and alive. I want to
jump into my dreams and feel comfortable there.

I want to be a goddess of laughter, living, gentleness and creation.

Who do you want to be?
What do you call for from your season?