we woke early, our last day in the desert
the stars still emblazoned an inky sky

barefoot over the dunes to the highest point
a small group is gathered there

the stars are in full flight,
dancing, flirting into new colours
all around us the desert is quiet
quiet and soft

uluru, the monolith, mama gaia’s heart is to the west of us,
pulsating in the darkness
the ochre energy, i wish to press my chest against it,
and hear the heartbeat of the earth
like my love did

slowly, softly,
the glow appears on the horizon
melten gold spills to the inky black
and the stars begin to recede
black meets indigo meets umber meets white

a day begins in the miracle land
the earth rotates,
shifting shadow west,
bringing light east

we hold our breaths as the sun god glints over the horizon
bringing forth his rounded shimmering magnificence into the sky
he is dripping with warmth
bringing liquid amber energy to those skinned ones who wait,
watching him.

we celebrate the sunrise
this daily miracle
this bringer of light and life
we honour the dark and her moon and stars
we cherish
this profound cycle of our everyday

together, we are one

shadow becomes light, and the desert awakens.

me, he, and rising sun god, uluru, june 06