Hola gorgeous goddesses,

Over here in tomorrow-land, it is the evening of Christmas Day. It’s been a big & beautiful day, and filled with a whole rainbow of emotions. A panoply of feelings – joy, grief, gratitude, love, sadness, homesickness, boredom. The feeling of wanting to run far far away and run home home home – both happening at the same time.

And I suspect I’m not the only one who feels the feelings-rainbow during these holidays. Hopefully next year I’ll put together a guide *before* Christmas, but having just learned the lessons today, I wanted to share them now – for all those with Christmas still ahead of us – and all of us still in the midst of those funny days between Christmas and New Years. So I wanted to share with you my little bit of goddess wisdom for surviving and *thriving* this Christmas season as a Goddess… and then ask you for your own goddess wisdom. Let’s gift each other with new soul-vistas of possibility. 🙂

Re-naming the season.

It’s usually called the “Celebration Season” – I know. But if it isn’t for you right now, don’t force it. Your personal celebration season will come in perfect time. Claim this season as yours by renaming it instead – is it your healing season? Rejuvenation season? Hibernation? Chillaxin to the maxin season? Slowly integrating the huge changes, transformation and lessons of 2008 season? Gentle feeling and allowing season?

Whatever is your soul’s season right now, it’s perfect. Just as it is.

Forget the Rules. Make your own.

There’s so many “rules” we can fall into about what Christmas is supposed to be. Christmas is supposed to be perfect. Surrounded by family. Without troubles or concern. If your Christmas isn’t looking like this, I’m so very there with you. As are more than the majority of the population. Christmas *is* what it *is* on the day. Love it anyway. Love yourself anyway.

Let’s try and give ourselves the gift of not judging what our Christmas *should* be, or comparing ourselves and our precious lives to others {especially those in movies and tv christmasses!}

This is definitely my big one for this year. I live a couple thousand kilometres from my hometown and my beautiful, big family. We decided not to fly back home for Christmas as we were just there a couple of months ago on holiday. Instead, we spent Christmas just the two of us {with Charlie-too}. For a girl from a nucleus family of seven, that’s tiny. Tomorrow we’ll be driving a thousand kilometres west to Chris’ parents. But today – after declaring I never wanted to spend Christmas without family ever again – I had a Christmas without family.

This morning we woke early – and decided we wanted a delicious breakfast for our Christmas. And of course – nowhere was open. We drove around for an hour, like lost sheep, looking for something. There wasn’t anything. And I sighed, and blahed, and whined my way for our whole loopty-loop.

Finally, my love said to me “Hon, today’s just another day. Stop feeling like it’s gotta be something really special, and just let it be special – just as it is. All is well, just as it is. Treat it like another day – another day for you to enjoy as much as you can. And let the rest just go.”

And just like that – with no pressure to perform or have the best Christmas ever – it just unfolded. Kind and gentle and precious, just like every other day I’ve lived on this planet. One I stopped making rules on poor ol’ Christmas Day, it got to be another day of living and loving and laughing, simply and gently, as best we can.

Over to you, precious soul…

I wanted to make this longer. I had all these other ideas I wanted to articulate and find a way to share. But… my own Goddess wisdom for right now tells me… be gentle. connect with your love. read in bed. rest.

So I pass the talking stick on to you dear Goddess sisters:
What is your wisdom for surviving and thriving this Christmas season?
What is your soul’s season, and where does your journey take you this time of year?

You are so loved, and I am so grateful for you.

Tomorrow I’m on a wild and fabulous roadtrip for a week. Email checks will be spo*rad*ical. Hoping to post some Goddess gorgeousness blogs along the way. Orders will be taken care of when I’m back on 4th Jan. *big love!*