Holy crapazooli! The synchronicity!

This morning as I was watering softly my marigold seeds that I planted on the weekend, the boy pointed out my first seedling!!!!!! eeeeek!!!!!!!!!!!! hurrrrrahhhh!!!!!!!! I am soooo excited and proud! My FIRST seedling!

It was so very small and very very beautiful. I sat my chair by the windowsill and ate my toast so I could look at it. what an immense blessing! my first seedling!

then… when i get into work this morning, there are two of my inspirational daily emails sitting there…

“May those whose hell it is to hate and hurt be turned into lovers bringing flowers.”

– Shantideva, 8th century Buddhist teacher


“Leonie, no one has ever grown a garden (dramatic pause)… that you couldn’t grow yourself.

And I’m not just talking about the leafy kinds.

Let’s till, The Universe”

Woahhhh! way too synchronic~es for words! hurrah! beautiful! amazing! miracle!

tee hee hee

Leonie is a Gardening Discoverer.